The Center for European Studies was founded in February 2020 by the Department of Cultures and Civilisations of the University of Verona to promote, on an interdisciplinary basis, the study of European history and society of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Its main areas of research are: European political and intellectual history, the phenomena of mobility of ideas and knowledge, the history of exile and forced migrations, the history of antifascism in a transnational perspective, the history of political and cultural relations between Europe and the United States, the history of European institutions and European integration.
Its mission is to:

  • promote conferences, seminars and scientific publications and historical dissemination activities,
  • launch scholarships and other supports for young researchers,
  • establish networks of scientific collaboration with public and private research institutions,
  • organising training activities at various levels to disseminate the values of Europeanism.